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"Amy Langerman, you are one of the most important people that influenced our son's progress in education…Your professional approach, detailed understanding of the educational process and amazing use of IDEA kept us from giving up on the public school system."

Jeff and Kim Yamamoto


I have collaborated with Amy Langerman for a number of

years both as a Parent Advocate and as a parent. As an Advocate, I know Ms. Langerman is a highly-regarded special education attorney in our field even noted as the best by many, including myself. She is known for her thoroughness, knowledge, experience, and her undefeated record. In my work with her, I have been fortunate to see her practice in court. She is flawless at presenting the facts and confounding the arguments of the opposing district. Her case filings and summaries are skillfully mastered to present and reiterate her winning case. She is passionate about and maintains the spirit of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). Ms. Langerman makes no mistakes in her feverish advocacy for our children's individualized needs. I know from first-hand experience. As a parent, I personally sought Ms. Langerman's advice for my own children. She is not only a highly skilled, respected, and impressive attorney who will no doubt help your case, but she is compassionate to parents as she, herself, is a parent of a successful college student with special needs. She has talked the talk and walked the walk of this difficult journey and is the shining example of what advocating for a truly appropriate education can do for our children. Her advice is top-notch, bar none. Your family couldn't be in better hands.

Kristina Blackledge, MS

AZ Parent Advocate and parent to four children with special education needs

We sought Amy Langerman's services after our son's school proposed to inappropriately place

him in a general education Kindergarten because his district followed its own "inclusionary-practices". Our son was significantly affected with Autism, was non-verbal, barely potty-trained, and academically functioning at a beginning pre-school level. He required a more restrictive environment than what they offered him. Ms. Langerman provided our family with her superb and unparalleled counsel, legal knowledge, and special education expertise. She is undefeated in her due process cases including our case. She eloquently, deliberately, and confidently presented each fact to the judge leaving no detail unaddressed and, ultimately, lead our case to a comprehensive and sweeping win benefiting our son. We can't say enough about Ms. Langerman's skill. Her reputation as the "Special Education Legal Eagle" precedes her and she has earned every bit of respect the field has for her.

Roxanne VanAlstine

Anthem, AZ

Ms. Langerman a leader in advocating for children with disabilities,

special health care needs and gifted learners. Her extensive knowledge of the educational process coupled with her cunning skills as an attorney brings effective resolutions for families. Amy has worked on some of my most difficult cases with the highest level of success. Amy has a talent for identifying the key issues, negotiating the special education process to resolve issue for kids. I recommend utilizing Ms. Langerman's professional attorney or consultant services to families who are ready to take action. She is detailed and comes to the table with experience and respect like no other attorney working in special education today.

For the last 14 years I have worked as an advocate representing families, Amy Langerman is the attorney that I recommend families utilize when going through Due Process or who need legal advice for educational issues. On a scale from 1-10 she rates an eleven!

Thank you for all you do for families Amy.

Kim Yamamoto

Owner Arizona Advocates

As we all know, during the process of IEP planning and development it is often difficult

to see the forest for the trees. As a teacher, administrator and now regional director of private day schools in California and Arizona, I have been able to both utilize and watch Amy Langerman guide parents and professionals towards the common goal of creating and implementing appropriate IEP's for students with all special needs. Her ability to handle multiple complex scenarios while maintaining the student's best interest has been a cornerstone of Amy's working relationships with families and educators. Whether navigating a due process scenario as an attorney for students in Arizona or developing critical IEP components as a special education consultant for students in California, Ms. Langerman has always been the consummate professional and dedicated IEP teammate. In sum, Amy Langerman is an excellent partner for families with a passion for students and a excellent attitude!

Katherine Hancock, M.S.

Sierra Schools

Amy Langerman has been our son's special education consultant since he was in kindergarten. In a few short months, he will be starting high school. We cannot fathom what our son's IEPs and programs would have looked like had it not been for Amy. Not only does she know special education law backwards and forwards but she also has an encyclopedic knowledge of curriculum, text books, therapies, and programs for children with special needs. Amy really got to know our son's strengths and needs over the years. She used that knowledge to advocate for very specific programs for him. Amy's ability to think on her feet during negotiations at our IEPs is unrivaled. She has been one of the best investments in our son's future that we have made.

Rebecca and Jack Estepp

Poway, California





It has been over ten years since I first met Amy Langerman.

We both attended a meeting for parents of children with Autism and I discovered Amy’s level of expertise. From that time on Amy has been my mentor and I credit much of my knowledge and success as a professional educational advocate to what she has taught me. Amy is not only a highly successful specialist in special education but is very knowledgeable in all areas of academic learning, teaching methodologies, adaptations, modifications, and other areas regarding the special needs of children. 

Over the past ten years I’ve referred at least twenty-five clients to Amy as they required the intervention of an Arizona attorney in their child’s educational process. Amy’s reputation with school districts, her relationships with school district attorneys, and her track record of success has allowed her to resolve all but two of these cases without a due process court proceeding, most with private placements. I was fortunate to have been allowed to sit in the courtroom for one case and to watch Amy’s skills in action. The level of professionalism, knowledge, and skill that she displayed in the courtroom won positive results for both of the families that went to hearing. She has established precedents for families and children with special needs.

Amy has also turned down cases that I’ve wanted to refer to her. She is very honest about whether or not she thinks she may be able to help a parent and when parents retain her she provides a lengthy review of their files in which she is very specific about what she can and cannot do. Amy has a no nonsense style. There is no doubt that she looks at each child’s needs, school experience, and school services individually and where she does not feel that there is law on the side of the family, Amy will tell them so and help them to support their child in ways unrelated to the law, that she discovered as a parent of a child with special needs. 

It is my privilege to know and learn from Amy Langerman. She makes a difference for Arizona families.


Elaine Berkley, MSW

In Association with Arizona's Advocates
Executive Director, Frogs Landing


Dear Amy, Thank you for your help with the recent issues in Bethany’s middle school class.

As a result of your assistance, we’ve been able to get things resolved. Looking back over Bethany’s educational years, you’ve been there for us all the way. The foundation you gave me in IEP basics at a parent support group has served me time and time again. When we had difficulty with kindergarten transition, with extended school year through the summer, with safety issues, and with IEP enforcement issues—you were there. Your professionalism and knowledge of educational law are impeccable. But more than that, you know the players in the districts, you have contacts who can help in supporting disciplines such as educational and psychological testing, and you are able to formulate a successful strategy to solve the problem at hand. You’ve helped us negotiate at the IEP table and you’ve taken us through due process. Your straightforward, no-nonsense style really works for me as a working parent who has no time to waste, and I’ve seen how effective it is with district administrators. But most important to me, Amy, is that you “get it” because you are a parent of a son with autism. You’ve walked this path not only with me but ahead of me. Your ability to see the situation as a parent and as a lawyer makes you unique and invaluable as an advocate. Your compassion always comes through. You really care about Bethany, and you know how I feel as her parent. Thanks to your efforts, Bethany has received the free and appropriate education that is her legal right. And you’ve kept me from going crazy in the process! When my friends ask who my lawyer is, I always refer them straight to you—and I always will. Sincerely,

Jennifer Lawrence

Phoenix, Arizona

Our son, who has High Functioning Autism, was doing "okay" in elementary school

for Kindergarten and first grade. By second grade, we realized there were just things we didn't know about possible services, goal-setting and planning the path ahead. We didn't even know the right questions to ask. That's when we found Amy. What a relief! We still had our work cut out for us, but she is so knowledgeable we put our trust in her and followed her directions and guidance (and still do). By third grade she recognized that our son would be in trouble in middle school with the options available in the district. It was clear to her that he would likely need a non public school, something she knew was always a fight. Yet because of her greater knowledge, pro-active thinking, and the respect afforded to her by the professionals in the district, the IEP team approved a non public school, without the necessity to file due process. Our son spent all of middle school at the NPS, learning the skills necessary for high school, while we forward planned the next course. With the skills learned, we placed him back in a general education high school where he is fully included and doing better than we could have imagined. Having attended seminars on special education, listened to various special eduction lawyers and advocates over the years I can honestly say that Amy is the smartest, most knowledgeable and forward-thinking person I've ever met when it comes to student rights, grade level requirements, goal-setting, working with the school district and the myriad of options available for special education. I never go to an IEP without her. Because of Amy, our son's life is forever changed for the better and we are grateful. Thank you Amy.

Cyrise Sanders

San Diego, California

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